When small business owners have problems with their vehicles, they go to a mechanic. When they have problems with their computers they hire an IT company. Now small business owners have a resource when their sales and marketing system is broken. Marc’s great passion is to share his knowledge in both tried and true traditional marketing techniques and also the most current digital marketing strategies.

Not every business is the same so a unique marketing plan must be designed for each client. Marc will design a marketing plan based upon the clients strengths, products and services, market and reasonable budget. Marc will then implement this plan to significantly increase sales.

Marc Didemus, Owner of Didemus Consulting, was raised in Kingston, Ontario and attended St. Lawrence College and obtained a Diploma in Electronic Engineering Technology. This leveraged a career in Digital Sales spanning over 3 decades:

  • Tandy Computers – 2 Years – Salesman
  • Epson Computers – 1 Year – Eastern Ontario Territory Salesman
  • Upper Canada Office Systems – 8 Years – Digital Sales Representative
  • Image Advantage Solutions Inc. – 20 Years – Founder, past Owner and Sales and Marketing Manager








  • Advanced Medical First Responder and Ambulance Driver with St. John Ambulance for many years.


  • Hockey Trainer and Football Trainer for decades.


Marcs interests are billiards, playing the guitar and reading.


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