B2B Lead Generation

Did you know 98% of website visitors don’t inquire. Lead Forensics tells you who they are.

Didemus Consulting is an authorized partner of Lead Forensics.

Lead Forensics is a business to business SaaS organization and our software allows you to see which businesses have visited your website, providing details such as:

  • Date/time of visit
  • Business name, industry and exact location
  • Duration of visit, point of entry and pages viewed
  • Names of key decision makers, and the ability to acquire their email address
  • Extra detail such as employee number, company information etc.

Their IP tracking solution is a really important tool for lead generation and marketing validation. They have;

  • been in business since 2009, with offices in the US, UK and Europe
  • an estimated 15,000 clients worldwide with 36,000 users
  • the largest proprietary IP database globally – Over 1.3 billion IP addresses aligned to businesses & 1 million added in daily (also 8,900 algorithms checks to ensure accuracy)
  • the ability to offer 1 and 2 way integrations with all CRMs

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